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CQC Home: Never Just Average

CQC Home's Ken Combs’ journey from lemons to $15 million lemonade

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5 Tips to Become More Productive

Use these strategies to better plan your day   

Remodeling the Record Books

How one home improvement company used old windows and sense of community to become a world record holder

Tips for Crafting a Job Post

How to write job postings for a remodeling company that will attract the right candidates


Plugging Profit Leaks

When more work becomes too much work, it often leads to less profit, not more

Preventing Bottlenecks in Sales, Design, and Production

If one area of your business runs more slowly than the rest, a bottleneck will occur, causing delays and lost profitability

How to Gain A Better ROI on Warranty Issues

Use these tips to approach warranty calls as a marketing tactic to keep clients happy and repeat/referral rates growing

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Mistakes happen, but a big mistake creates fallout in proportion to the authority of the person who makes it

Women in Residential Construction Conference Coming in September

This year's event focuses on the challenges—and solutions—facing women in the industry today.

7 Tips for Making Your Business More Fun

Use these guidelines to change your approach to work 

Maintaining Company Culture From Day 1

A smart, technology-based onboarding process encourages entrepreneurialism while reinforcing company values

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