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FLIGHT floating stairs open up new spaces

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FLIGHT floating stairs open up new spaces

By ViewRail March 19, 2019

A couple in Zeeland, MI wanted to find a stairway that could open up their foyer, create a more inviting space for guests to gather, and connect their beautiful second floor with the living room they’d worked so hard to design.

But they had some concerns. Would a floating stairway even fit in this small space? And would installation be too costly and time-intensive for their budget? After all, the renovation meant knocking down a treasured baby blue half-wall, putting in new flooring and textured walls, and installing a completely new stairway.

However, the designers and engineers at Viewrail knew that they were working with a spacious, well-designed room that just wasn’t living up to its fullest potential. Our engineers determined that the classic 90° turn of the original stairway was already serving the room perfectly. The staircase needed to keep the foyer open without encroaching on the front door across from it or intruding into the living room, so we designed our floating staircase to match the existing room configuration.

The couple wanted a luxurious staircase, but they were concerned about their budget. So Viewrail designed a thin replacement landing to be installed around the existing box at the foot of the staircase. This created the illusion of a thick platform and was an innovative save by our engineers. The resulting look is brilliant, and no one realizes that they're standing on a 1″ thick replacement piece rather than the 4″ thick landing they're imagining.

Finally, to fulfill their desire for an open-concept space, the owners chose a white, powder-coated steel stringer. Combining the white stringer with stainless steel cable railing expanded the room dramatically. And, because their space is slightly smaller, our engineers created a shortened stringer to fit in the space perfectly.

This project shows that small floating stairs can have just as big an impact as larger ones when done right. This staircase worked with the existing structure and configuration of this room, rather than fighting against them and the result is a stunning, on-budget solution.

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Len Morris

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