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First Impressions Speak Volumes for NyloDeck

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First Impressions Speak Volumes for NyloDeck

May 28, 2014

First impressions are lasting impressions. Just ask Tom Jacques, owner of Hickory Dickory Decks, who first noticed eco-friendly NyloDeck at DeckExpo 2012. As the second largest decking installer in the world, Ontario, Canada-based Hickory Dickory Decks prides itself on offering top-of-the-line composite decking in its stores.


At first glance while walking the show, Tom was attracted to NyloDeck’s natural, wood-like appearance. “NyloDeck is a good-looking product,” says Tom. “It looked natural and less like plastic with its variegated look and embossed pattern. I became even more intrigued by the use of recycled carpet fiber in the product’s composition,” he noted.


A unique manufacturing process using 100-percent recycled carpet fiber provides NyloDeck with strength and durability that is superior to other composite decking materials. Containing no wood or PVC, NyloDeck is also impervious to moisture, mold, mildew, and termites. In addition to its appearance and performance qualities, Tom was particularly drawn to the eco-friendly aspect of NyloDeck.


Environmentally Conscious Decking at its Best


“As a company we strive to become more environmentally conscious, and Hickory Dickory Decks likes to use products that are also doing their part. NyloDeck delivers an environmentally friendly and high-performing quality product,” says Tom.


After reviewing other products displayed at the show, Tom selected NyloDeck as Hickory Dickory Decks’ new product line for the following year. Twelve months later, Tom says, “Customers continue to choose NyloDeck because of its look and also because of its unique composition and environmental impact.”


When selecting a new line to carry, Tom’s top decision-making criteria included performance, appearance, price, supply, and warranty. In evaluating NyloDeck, Tom quickly found several extraordinary qualities about the material. NyloDeck has the ability to span joists 24-inches O.C., along with unrivaled expansion and contraction rates. Additionally, NyloDeck comes with a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty on top of a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty. NyloDeck’s proprietary three-dimensional embossing process creates a unique and stunning finish. Similar to the uniqueness of natural wood, no two pieces of NyloDeck look exactly the same.


The Ideal Decking Product


Hickory Dickory Decks has 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada. With a diverse customer base, the company caters to an array of decking needs, and NyloDeck has proven ideal for conquering any project—from backyards to commercial installations.


“Customers have fallen in love with NyloDeck,” says Tom. He recalled a customer with a 40-foot deck who was especially ecstatic that NyloDeck is available in 24-foot lengths. NyloDeck’s strength feature allows for fewer joints during the building process. NyloDeck’s strength also offers opportunities for creative designs and use of angles. He mentioned customers also appreciate how easy the product is to handle, without the need for predrilling. NyloDeck’s compatibility with industry-leading fastener systems is also a popular attribute.


“NyloDeck is a great complement to our existing decking lines,” says Tom. “We are known for our selection of industry-leading, innovative products. NyloDeck, with its unique properties and selling features, is a good fit. Hickory Dickory Decks proudly carries NyloDeck and supports its vision for a new generation of decking.”


In 2013, NyloDeck sold 50 percent more than projected by Hickory Dickory Decks. The company has even greater growth.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Just ask Tom Jacques, owner of Hickory Dickory Decks, who first noticed eco-friendly NyloDeck at DeckExpo 2012.

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