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Financing options made flexible

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Financing options made flexible

See how this business boosted its sales

November 30, 2021

Customer Testimonial:
We met with the team at Austin Window Fashions to hear about their experience with the Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card program and how they’ve grown as a business. 

For more than 10 years, Austin Window Fashions has given their customers the ability to afford project expansions thanks to our flexible financing options, longer terms, and simple online application process.

Why did Austin Window Fashions choose the Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card program?
The team at Austin Window Fashions worked with several other financing companies before discovering Wells Fargo. After their last financing partnership ended, they were looking for a reliable and dedicated partner to help build their business. When their team saw our variety of financing options and longer terms, they knew that we were the best fit for their business and their customers. 

     “Wells Fargo has the best rates and offers just what we’re looking for in a financing program.
      We’re able to offer our customers a variety of financing options that give them the instant gratification
      from the purchase with monthly payments.”

Our variety of plans are built for the unique needs of the business. Longer terms, and competitive interest rates give customers the peace of mind to expand their home improvement projects in a way they can afford—leading to increased sales for Austin Window Fashions. 

How have our flexible terms helped increase sales for your business? 
The Austin Window Fashions sales team was excited to be able to offer 12- and 18-month financing, describing these programs as a “significant perk” for their customers compared to the 6-month terms they were offering. These longer terms have more than doubled their closing deals, giving their customers the confidence and ability to spend more.

     “It’s the first time we've ever been able to offer anything more than six months—that's been a
      game-changer for us, being able to offer the 12- and 18-month programs to customers.”

How has the online application process changed your business? 
For Austin Window Fashions, our online Credit Connect has made the application and decision process a lot easier for everyone, letting them focus on their business, not on paperwork1. Wells Fargo’s digital capabilities make the entire financing process for their business and their customers simple, straightforward, and secure. 

     “Our sales team finds it easier to offer financing with the online application, and customers
      enjoy it more than the paper process. And having the application available on our website is
      one of the best things we’ve done recently.”

The team at Austin Window Fashions finds that the online application process has made their day-to-day business more efficient and streamlined—plus, it’s much easier for their customers to apply when and where they need it.2

What has your experience been working with Wells Fargo?
With Wells Fargo’s dedicated relationship representatives, Austin Window Fashions can quickly and easily connect with us whenever they need information. We take the time to help our clients and their customers reach their goals.

     “When we call or email our relationship representative, he’s a real Johnny-on-the-spot. We
      can count on him to get our questions answered or get something figured out quickly.”

Interested in working with Wells Fargo to finance your customers’ home improvement projects? 

Contact us to learn more.

1. Paper applications and invoices must continue to be available for those customers who do not agree to receive the terms and conditions electronically.
2. This process requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is able to connect to the internet using your own data package. This process does not include a Notice of Right to Cancel. If you conduct business outside of your normal place of business (e.g., consumer home, fair, trade show, expo, etc.), you’re still required to notify your customers of their rights.


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