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Sharpening your sales strategies

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Sharpening your sales strategies

The nation’s leading remodelers participated in a variety of sales-related seminars in the late summer and early fall of 2013.

November 14, 2013

The nation’s leading remodelers participated in a variety of sales-related seminars in the late summer and early fall of 2013. Sensing the market is headed for a bullish 2014, remodelers sharpened their sales strategies to kick off the 2014 selling season.

The first of the multiple events was PRIME Group’s fall sales conference outside of Chicago. The day before the PRIME and Professional Remodeler co-branded Extreme Sales Summit, Joy Kilgore, president of PRIME and Professional Remodeler columnist Mark Richardson led an enthusiastic group of remodelers through a wide variety of sales- and business-related sessions. Many remodelers have attended multiple PRIME events in an effort to ensure their businesses are not only successful today but also for the foreseeable future.

The day after PRIME, more than 300 remodelers packed a conference room for the inaugural Extreme Sales Summit. Keynote speaker Michael Gerber, the author of “E-Myth Revisited” and 13 other business books, provided key points to remodelers to transform their businesses into a world-class operation. Richardson, author of “How Fit is Your Business” and the recently released “Fit to Grow,” walked remodelers through a series of applicable sales strategies they can immediately implement in their businesses to help grow sales. A total of 10 speakers were featured at the Extreme Sales Summit, a can’t-miss event that is slated again for 2014.

The week after the Extreme Sales Summit, the Remodelers Advantage Business Summit 2013 was held at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nev. This event, attended by Professional Remodeler, featured a series of speakers focused on business strategies for remodelers. One highlight was the WIT (Wisdom, Inspiration, Trust) Talks featuring Craig Durosko of Sun Design Remodeling Specialists and Ty Melton of Melton Design Build. A live Twitter feed fueled by audience members kept the discussion lively as Durosko and Melton addressed a number of topics.  

Lastly, the Remodeling Show in mid-October in Chicago offered dozens of sales- and technical-related seminars as well as more than 250 exhibitors featuring the latest and greatest products and services for remodelers. Again, many of the nation’s leading remodelers were in attendance at the seminars and throughout the show floor.

If there isn’t enough evidence the 2014 selling season is poised to increase over 2013, take a look at our America’s Top Remodelers listings in the November issue. As part of the application process, remodelers were asked to submit their revenue projections for 2014. Of the 230-plus companies that submitted an application, 84 percent projected their 2014 revenue would increase over their 2013 revenue. The total projected revenue for 2014 is estimated at $3.2 billion, more than $400 million greater than 2013 revenue, according to our America’s Top Remodelers applicants.

Is your sales team ready for 2014? Send me an email about your sales strategies and we will share them on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages so you may compare and contrast your strategies with other remodelers. PR


The nation’s leading remodelers participated in a variety of sales-related seminars in the late summer and early fall of 2013.


written by

Tim Gregorski

Editor in Chief

Tim Gregorski is the former Editor-in-Chief of Professional Remodeler. He joined PR in 2012 and was its editor until late 2014. Gregorski has more than 15 years of B2B editorial experience in the highway and bridge, transportation management, water and wastewater, concrete construction, and AEC industries.

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