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Sal Alfano

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Sal Alfano

Executive Editor

Sal Alfano is executive editor for Professional Remodelersal.alfano@gmail.com, 202.365.9070

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Jobsite Know-How details how to install a window... again. This time it’s in a fat wall wrapped with an air barrier and exterior rigid insulation

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Part 2 on the basics of building a straight run of stairs

How to Build a Straight Run of Stairs

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And when we say “lasts,” we’re talking about a really, really, long, long time.

How to Build a Rainscreen for Open-Joint Cladding

New materials make for a water management rainscreen system that drains well and doesn’t telegraph through open-joint siding.

Simple Soundproofing Solutions for Remodels

Effective soundproofing is the result of the materials used, and how they are connected or isolated from each other.

How To Retrofit Brick Structures for Repeated Flooding

Create a drainage plane and rebuild with water-tolerant materials

How To Lift Serious Weight

This site-built lever solves the problem of safely lifting and supporting a heavy load while working solo.  ​​​​

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