THOR Inks Partnership with Sam’s Club

The retail warehouse is getting an exclusive line of low-priced, luxury appliances

June 22, 2018
thor kitchen range oven pro remodeler

THOR Kitchen has partnered with Sam’s Club to roll out a premium line of kitchen appliances that will be exclusive to the retailer and come with a price tag slightly higher than that of the company’s baseline appliances, but still comparatively on the low side of what’s typical in the luxury appliance market. For example, THOR’s 48-inch ranges will run about $5,000, compared to similar size ranges from other luxury manufacturers, which tend to hover in the five-digit price range. 

Some of the new features include telescopic racks and a convection fan in the ovens, burners equipped with a single-point ignition system (for quieter, more efficient cooking), and under-cabinet range hoods featuring 304-series stainless steel, which promises a higher resistance to corrosion. 

THOR’s new line is currently available at Sam’s Club, and a spokesperson for the manufacturer said that partnership currently has no set end date. 

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