Delta faucet with Touch20 Technology

It may look straightforward, but tremendous research went into creating this faucet

An interior chase on an exterior wall is an often-overlooked source of major air leaks

pair of salvaged corbels inspires trim design

A pair of salvaged corbels inspires the trim design for a replacement entry door

four remodelers thoughts on transparency in pricing in the home improvement industry

Four remodeling industry veterans’ thoughts on transparency

beach house shake

Randy Burton is picky about exterior products, but he likes this cedar-look polypropylene shake

Combine a point laser and a rotary laser, throw in a range of handy features, and you get this Makita product

A series of powerful weather events creates plenty of exterior repair work. But insurance work can easily find you in over your head.

Neighborhood Painting Roanoke Archway

Neighborhood Painting's Ryan Toelkes is fully committed to his local PPG Paints™ store in Kansas, citing the partnership as professional and dedicated

connected storms

Risk expert says stronger building codes and practices needed

drone flying over homes being remodeled

Drones have become an important sales and marketing tool for exterior remodelers with new uses for the technology just around the corner

zip system ben bogie model remodel

As the country gets greener, this product keeps gaining fans

pro trade craft fat-wall window flashing

Use wide tape to span the many layers in a thick wall for an air- and water-tight seal

milwaukee tick tracking system package

A tracking system for, well, pretty much anything

puustelli miinus kitchen system

Sustainability is the driving force behind this versatile modular cabinet line

Brick to roof flashing

Combine step flashing on the roof with through-wall flashing at the masonry

VR headset for remodeling

Three remodelers' views on 3-D

FastenMaster's LOK screws are good for a lot more than you probably think 

PPG Paints Manor Hall Timeless exterior paint

Dan Brady of Traverse City, Michigan, knows what customers want and continues to stand by the quality and service he receives from PPG PAINTS™

a screenshot of sketchup in action

You know a product's good when you wish you would've started using it a long time ago

The best siding companies make proper installation a calling card and point of differentiation

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