Restored to Glory—Design Awards 2015 Gold, Historical Renovation

A historically accurate restoration undoes the damage done by several previous remodels of this former Lansing Depot for the Grand Trunk Railroad REO Town stop

September 25, 2015
2015 Design Awards, Gold, Michigan, historic renovation, Kramer Management Group/Christman Construction/Granger

Historical Renovation
Kramer Management Group/Christman Construction/Granger, Lansing, Mich.
Architect/interior designer: Cornerstone Architects

Project goals: Execute a historically accurate restoration of the former Lansing Depot for the Grand Trunk Railroad REO Town stop. Remodel the interior as a corporate meeting place for the Lansing Board of Water & Light.

Challenges: The Tudor Revival masonry building had been extensively remodeled and many historical features destroyed or covered. The last occupant, a restaurant, left a leaking roof and broken windows. Water damage had created a structurally deficient floor system that needed to be replaced.

Solution: The interior was restored based on old photos, and a new, but authentic, tile roof was installed. Exterior brick and stone work was repaired and restored, and new replica windows were put in place. Updated technology, power, HVAC, and plumbing systems were installed. In addition, many energy-saving and sustainable design features were incorporated including LED lighting, Energy Star HVAC equipment, new insulation, and recycled tile and carpet.

What the judges said: “There is nothing quite like seeing a structure brought back to life and, in this case, surpassing its former glory. To look at the before photos—crumbling mortar, plaster-caked brick, deteriorating wood—one gets a true sense of the magnitude of this remarkable restoration.”

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