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You know a product's good when you wish you would've started using it a long time ago

Nailing on a roof is not all that complicated, so why do we need all this technology?


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With the Go Figure app and a laser measurer, you can make a proposal using an iPad touch screen and a few photos

Using a CRM system for sales leads


Industry-specific CRM software is often the first choice for home improvement companies with ambitious growth plans

Start to finish—the real cost of landing a remodeling job

Regular contributor Les Cunningham takes a closer look at the cost of turning a lead into a sale

MailChimp one of the 15 Apps Remodelers Should Download Now

Below are 15 of the most popular apps we’ve found for remodelers. Each app can be found at

A 3D kitchen rendering created for a client by Design Build Pros. A picture of the actual kitchen is located in the gallery below.

By making online meetings, shared files, and pinboard accounts readily available, you will be able to provide faster service for them, and save time for yourself.

How remodelers use their tablets and smartphones for business.

Leveraging cell phones as part-time credit card terminals can be both cost-effec

Leveraging cell phones as part-time credit card terminals can be both cost-effective and convenient.

Industry research and advisory firm Forrester Research predicted the U.S. mobile payment market will grow to $90 billion in 2017—a 48 percent compound annual growth rate from the $12.8 billion spent in 2012. Now is the time to research the best mobile-payments options for your business.

Creating a “virtual showroom” for the design and development process can help your remodeling firm lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve client satisfaction.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are one measure that remodelers can incorporate in their business to “stop important things from falling through the cracks”

Following last year’s popular article “77 Tablet Apps Made for Remodelers” (see September 2011), Professional Remodeler editors continue to search for the most popular and latest applications for the residential construction market.

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CertainTeed unveils PitchPerfect selling system for iPad

CertainTeed is providing its siding, fence, railing and decking contractors with its PitchPerfect In-Home Selling System that is designed for use on an iPad.

The pros and cons of using the Kindle Fire in your remodeling business

Kudos from NetSecure Technologies provides a turnkey “point of sale in a box” solution

For those that have smart phones, or are wondering why you should get one, I have listed several other apps that I find useful.

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New interactive tool helps homeowners choose siding

The Vinyl Siding Institute has created an interactive design guide called Designing Style that allows contractors, builders and architects to assist homeowners in siding choices.

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