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Before photos: Doug Walter; after photos: Tracy Rivera Photography

This accessible remodel provides the homeowner with much-needed quality of life without breaking the bank

Photo: Hood River reDesign

These heating-cooling marvels work great but don’t always go with the rest of the room. Here are five ways to dress them up or conceal them altogether.

Rendering: Courtesy Phil Kean Design Group

The New American Remodeled Home reinvents a dated 1987 Florida residence

Being a lover and student of old houses is one thing. Owning and carefully remodeling one is another matter.

Trim-Tex announces the 2015 Drywall Artist of the Year Winner, Sheldon Hawk

Photo: courtesy Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex names Sheldon Hawk the winner for the 2015 Drywall Artist of the Year

Why remodelers should strive for better design

Rather than be part of the “good enough” majority, why not make a push to move up? 

2015 Model ReModel by Hatfield Builders & Remodelers in the Dallas metroplex, with ProRemodeler and various sponsors

All project photos (after): Jay Brousseau Studios

A closer look at the kitchen and bath of the 2015 Model ReModel project in Dallas by Hatfield Builders & Remodelers, with Professional Remodeler

3-D tools to help visualize a bathroom remodel

The clients want to find better use for the vast expanse of space in this large bathroom. 3-D models and color renderings will help them envision the options

New state-of-the-art manufacturing and printing techniques have resulted in much more intriguing and versatile tiles.

This awkwardly shaped kitchen is inefficient, with lots of wasted space and not enough storage. Plus, side-door traffic runs right through the work area.

Lake House Remodel by Bright Ideas by Martinec, rear of house

Rear of the home after the remodel. Photo by Nick Marx

In this remodel, a trusting client and a thoughtful remodeler come together to connect a lakeside house to its unique site

bathroom plan sketch by Bill Millholland

One bath used to be the rule, but these days one bath per bedroom is the trend. A second-floor addition is the answer, but it takes three tries to help clients work through the problem.

LED lights close up

With initial cost for bulbs coming down, there just aren’t any good reasons left for not making the switch to LEDs

Design: What Exactly Makes a White Kitchen ‘Timeless?’

Photo: Christy Bright/Flickr

Real estate brokers report that many home buyers look for a kitchen washed in white

Stacey Free looks at what clients will be asking for in kitchen and bath design in 2015.

A look at what clients will be asking for in kitchen and bath design in 2015.


You never know where you're going to find innovation. Here are four cases of old materials put to new uses, including creating new materials. What's it got to do with Remodeling? 

Remodeler's Exchange: Leading design solutions

Listen to your clients and listen to what they want. Figure out what their needs are and don’t just try to apply the same solution you used on the last job, or something that you just saw recently in a magazine. Listen to the clients and find out what they truly need, and then design to that specific--Paul Sullivan, President, The Sullivan Co., Newton, Mass.

This month, the Remodeler’s Exchange features two remodeling professionals who founded and operate full-service design-build firms. Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with David Adams and current NAHB Remodelers chairman Paul Sullivan about the process they use to guide clients through the design-build process.

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