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example of specifications for a remodeling project by Otagawa-Anschel Design+Build

In some cases, specs are separate documents detailing product choices and installation practices. In other instances, the remodeler will put as much product info as will fit on the blueprints. This example is from Otogawa-Anschel Design+Build, in Minneapolis. 

Project specification documents have a big impact on a remodeler’s profit. Follow these guidelines to make sure they’re detailed, clear, and accurate. 

Meadowlark Design + Build uses this clear graphic to bring homeowners up to speed on what's involved in a remodeling project

cadsoft envisioneer v13 screenshot remodelers

New 3-D Design software that keeps you (even further) ahead of the curve

man using smartphone-handy apps for remodelers-CC0 license-Pexels

Photo: Pexels, CC0 license

From tracking time to organizing jobs to finding inspiration, these apps belong in your digital toolbox

remodeling business and fraud-cash-remodeling work-money

Photos: top and bottom right, Tomislav forgo /; right, Joshua Rainey /; bottom left, Jo Ann Snover / 

The line between doing business and committing fraud is thinner than you think 

four remodelers thoughts on transparency in pricing in the home improvement industry

Four remodeling industry veterans’ thoughts on transparency

The best siding companies make proper installation a calling card and point of differentiation

These common technologies are simple yet effective for keeping projects on track

Once a job taken for granted, the window installer today is seen as key to the operation

Deckorators Deck Visualizer is a tool for professional remodelers

A range of updates and improvements add to the power of this 3-D visualizing app

Bright Ideas by Martinec using iPads on jobsite


Photo: courtesy Bright Ideas by Martinec

For this New York–state remodeler, iPads pave the way for greater efficiency and better communication

@ symbol on email—remodeling change order details are increasingly sent via email

The medium used to communicate and approve changes on a project matters. Consider these pointers 

Change orders in remodeling are a part of every project

You can't escape them, but you can minimize the hassle and anxiety that remodeling change orders can cause. Here's how.


Jobsite rules go a long way toward managing client expectations, controlling trade contractor behavior, and keeping the peace with the neighbors.


Crowd members scramble for attention from an individual.


Home improvement companies that were trimming employment rolls only a few years ago could now use all the crews they can get


Is it worth the time and trouble to hold a pre-construction meeting on small jobs? You bet. Here's why.

Photo: Flickr

HVAC contractor Carl Grace’s day is just getting started and he already has more than one dilemma on his hands. 

Photo: FreeImages

It’s not uncommon for construction contracts to be signed by one spouse out of convenience and time constraints.

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