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Plumber’s Golden Pipes Land Him a Record Deal—From His Customer

While on the job, a plumber receives the question of a lifetime

October 01, 2021
Kev Crane

A client-tradesperson relationship received positive headlines recently when a homeowner’s record label added a new client to its roster: his plumber.

English plumber Kev Crane, regarded as “the singing plumber” to some in his community, approached the six-week, three-bathroom job like any other: with his singing voice, portable radio, and toolbox in tow. 

Often delivering impromptu singing performances while working, Crane became accustomed to applause from clients during his eight-year run as a plumber. But this performance ended in much more.

As the plumber showed off his set of pipes, belting the Talking Heads’ “Burning the House Down,” the homeowner, Paul Conneally, paused to listen. Conneally just happened to own a small, independent label focusing on helping lesser-known musicians share their work, reports The Washington Post.

Conneally approached Crane, questioning if he had any original material, to which Crane admitted he created a makeshift basement recording studio last year during pandemic-induced lockdowns. After sharing some original work, Conneally left Crane to finish the job.

Conneally found himself struck by both the lyrics and singing abilities of his plumber. 

"He sent me some songs and I was blown away by his songwriting and his attention to detail in producing a sound that is so 80s but so now at the same time,” Conneally told BBC.

Days later, Crane still on-site, Conneally asked a question that would leave Crane “gobsmacked.”

“How would you like to release your album on my record label?” 

Crane’s debut album was released last month, featuring original 80s-influenced music the 49-year-old began decades prior but never finished. 

"I'm just seeing where it leads,” Crane previously told BBC. “I don't have any expectations. I would love to be able to write songs for other artists but if nothing else happens, then it was fun while it lasted."

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