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An employee signing a non-compete document.

Without key protections in place, a determined competitor can hire away your star employees and help himself to your company’s proprietary assets. Here’s how to prevent it

Image of a $100 bill being stretched

Remodeling pros share tips for achieving higher-end kitchens on midrange budgets

Man using 35 mm SLR camera


Project photos send a powerful message. Here are six ways to use them in your marketing

View across from the house out across the pool to the lake beyond.

The serene finished product you see here doesn’t even hint at the legwork that went into correcting site issues and updating failing structures—and that’s just as it should be

Professional Remodeler's PRIME advisory board offers opinions on supplier relationships

Photo of old-time hardware store interior


Two members of our Remodeler's Exchange panel discuss how they build and maintain solid supplier relationships

time management trying to stop time

Time-management skills aren’t something you’re born with. Like carpentry, they have to be learned and practiced.

Expanding your service offering to include small projectswill help recession-proof your business, while also providing past clients with a service that they really need.

Doing It Right: Drywall and Crown Molding

Mistakes done on drywall and crown molding are visible even to the casual observer. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

Screenshot via Amy Kozusko/Youtube

As building science becomes an increasingly important part of home remodeling, a conference like ACI's is an indispensable tool in your continuing education.

Here's why you should make sure your company has a great mentoring program

Marketing: How to Write a Killer Press Release

Some editorial tips for do-it-yourself remodeler marketers.

Sales: You Can Learn How to Sell Better

Alot of people blame their sales failures on a lack of natural sales talent. But some experts believe that being good at sales is a choice. Photo:

Big corporations have pockets deep enough to provide their salespeople with sales coaches. How can small remodeling companies improve their sales force?

Sales: How To Protect Your Plans and Specs from Going to Another Contractor

Photo via

Make these considerations when pitching your plans to potential clients.

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