Michael E. Gerber: The system is a process over time

Everything you do every day in your company is either reinforcing your stature as moderately successful, or is reinforcing your ability to distinguish yourself from the competition.

August 22, 2013

Yes, by now, if you?ve been reading my epistles over the past several months here, you?re beginning to understand what I?m recommending strongly that each of you do: work ON your business, as opposed to fretfully working IN your business, if you?re ever going to create the differentiation needed.

Which means what? It means that every single reader of this publication is in the same business, the remodeling business, yet every single one of you must do what I?m describing to you, if you?re company is to become The One in your market.

Everything you do every day in your company is either reinforcing your stature as moderately successful, or is reinforcing your ability to distinguish yourself from the competition.

I?m sure you?ve paid a significant amount of consulting, coaching, training, mentoring dollars to learn the very best stuff that?s going on in your industry. But, I?m here to tell you that that?s exactly the opposite of what you should be doing.

(Will they print this here? Will they allow me to say that? Have I just shut this column down forever? Have I committed the worst sin in expert land, the sin of reformation? Well, if you?re reading this right now, yes, they have kept me to work my merry magic. Congratulations to them!)

And, to you. Because it is not experts you need to take you beyond the middle, it?s expertise.    

What kind of expertise? The expertise I call Business Design. You need to become a business design expert:  A Master of Business Design. You must truly look at every day you go to work as an opportunity to accomplish two things: results in real time, and results for future time.

Results in real time are the product of what you?ve learned in the past, and have orchestrated into a system, a system you have mastered through practice, practice, practice.  Results for future time are the business design information you are accumulating (you should be accumulating) every single day, to do the work a Master of Business Design must do every single day, called Innovation, Quantification, Orchestration. 

Innovation to produce a better way

Quantification to determine that the way you?ve produced truly is a productive innovation because you have quantified the fact that it produces better results than the way you did it before.

Finally, Orchestration, which is documenting the innovation which works better than anything you?ve done before, so that everyone in every function can become a Master of the New Way.

You do it here

By doing the real time work, while doing the future time work, you?re continuously working ON your company, to continuously IMPROVE the way everyone works IN your company by inventing a better way of doing it. What I just shared with you, whether you realize it or not, is the gold standard of Business Design expertise. It applies to every single component of your Strategic Business System.

Your strategic business system   

Yes, your company is one thing. An entirely inclusive operating organism. Every function of your company is a living element of the whole. Each and every component of the whole?each and every element, function, process, system, outcome, method, whatever you call it?must be thought of as an integrated part of the whole, and what contribution each makes to the outcome of the whole. The outcome of the whole, the way it operates in the real world, the way it is seen, felt, experienced by your customers, employees, management, leaders, lenders, strategic advisers, investors, everyone who is touched by your company, must be designed to work in an intensely and electrically convincing way.

Which is to say, your way

This is the outcome of everything I?ve been talking about over the past several months: a unique operating system which differentiates your company as preferentially unique in the world.    

Which comes to say that no one in the remodeling universe does it like you do.Because if anyone in the remodeling universe does it like you do, than you can never hope to become The One in that universe.  To go to work every day in your company without the Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission of becoming The One in your remodeling universe is like waking up every day with the desire to be ordinary.

Which goes to say, this is how we?ve always done it, and continue to do it because there?s simply no time, no money, no interest in creating a new, better, more effective, disruptive way of doing it, that challenges the entire industry of remodelers, because we?re determined to be The One. PR



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