We don’t question the problems, or if we do, we procrastinate making fixes

Years ago, while writing about the building materials retail side of this industry, we interviewed remodelers to determine how they bought product and how retailers could better serve them.

Rebuilding an existing home is nothing new. Remodelers have been doing it room by room for some time now. But a Maryland-based company is taking the gut remodel a step further.

The 1999 Chrysalis Awards were presented in Atlanta this summer. The Chrysalis Awards recognize superior achievements in quality, craftsmanship and design.

Certified Graduate Remodelor (CGR) is an exclusive professional designation.

Successful remodeling firms across the county have adopted a bottom-up production management system to ensure high-quality, on-time, on-budget jobs

John and Ann Smith review R.L. Connelly & Sons' work.

Cash flow analysis on a time and materials job

A snapshot of R.L. Connelly & Sons

The instant the Smiths bought their 1920 bungalow -- make that the instant they considered buying it -- they started remodeling it.

Remodeling for an architect-homeowner.

The difference between a successful project and one that causes a lot of headaches often has more to do with what the customer expects.

The pen is a powerful weapon. Harnessed correctly, it can do powerful good.

Letter to editor on draw schedules and in-house help.

A Scottsdale, Ariz., remodeler offers a money-back guarantee to his clients.

Rosie Romero offers tip for pulling off the Impossible Promise.

The Institution of Management and Information's website provides information from 40 business management newsletters.

If interest in spirituality and wellness continues, you might soon be fielding calls from homeowners seeking holistic remodeling.

Employee incentives

Outline details the ins and outs of one commercial remodel's cash problems.

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