K&B: Master Bathrooms Deserve More than a ‘Prison Toilet’

One architect uses the term “prison toilet” for toilets that are just sitting out there in the main space of a master bathroom.

February 03, 2015
Master Bathrooms Deserve More than a ‘Prison Toilet’

In the average U.S. prison cell, the toilet is in full view, sharing the same space with the cell’s other amenities. According to Bob Borson of Life of an Architect, many master bathrooms have the same problem.

“Not all toilets need to be in their own space,” Borson writes, “but if you are going to design a true master bathroom, your toilet needs to be in its own room.” One of the main reasons for this, Borson argues, is that the rest of the bathroom can be used concurrently with the toilet room. Of course, there’s also the matter of odor that needs to be contained.

Read the full story at Life of an Architect.

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