PR May 2001

August 16, 2010


A system that links everything from lead creation to financial reporting is a must-have management tool.

My first full week at Professional Remodeler was spent at the International Builders Show in Atlanta, where I saw a lot of familiar names in plumbing and heating and air conditioning from my seven years with Supply House Times.

Spending by homeowners on home improvement projects increased modestly to $102.5 billion for the four quarters ending in the first quarter of 2001.

Despite the building booms in the Sun Belt, new homes make up a smaller percentage of the total supply of available housing than they did 30 years ago.

Most general remodelers have received requests for projects to make life easier for elderly or disabled clients.

High-end homeowners want the latest, newest and most up-to-date kitchens. Karlson Kitchens, an Evanston, Ill.-based company, has identified recent kitchen trends.

Remodelers present the pros and cons of continuing to work in the field.

Bartelt-Filo plots a marketing plan that takes the company over the $5 million mark.

What really matters to homeowners when they’re shopping for a remodeler?

It’s a common problem for remodelers: Clients have grand ideas but limited budgets and space. Rather than walk away from such projects, though, remodelers and builders can refer these customers to a new book, Creating the Not So Big House by Sarah Susa...

The U.S. Census Bureau once again will begin collecting data on remodeling permits next year after a seven-year hiatus.

Everything you need to know about windows.

Ask an owner of a remodeling company how much money he makes, and he’s likely to give the wrong answer.

While Lonny Rutherford traveled his state as president of the New Mexico Home Builders Association a couple of years ago, big trouble was brewing back at his office in Farmington, N.M.

Amid all the hubbub about how the Internet is opening up whole new worlds to its users, one remodeling firm has turned to the Net as a vehicle for employees to communicate within the company as well as with its clients and has received an NRQ Award for...

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