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Insider Advice

Time Management

Photo courtesy: stock.adobe.com

Use these examples to learn better time management in meetings.

Tracking Metrics

Photo: Adobestock.com

There are certain metrics that every remodeler should be tracking in order to see how their business is performing, and how the numbers compare to other successful companies.

porcelain tile bathroom

Courtesy Corian 

As the remodeling industry expands post-pandemic, porcelain has become a frontrunner in luxury design. Here’s what remodelers need to know. 

Apex bamboo decking

Courtesy Fortress Building Products

Bamboo-based PVC resists expansion and contraction, heat retention, and more. 

Drone flying in front of home

High-tech tools such as drones and self-driving cars may change some of the details that homeowners want in a remodel.

boat house deck with loungers

Outdoor remodeling projects are booming. Using the right materials will help the space last long past the pandemic.

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