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Innovative Products: Milwaukee Tool’s Tick

A tracking system for, well, pretty much anything

September 07, 2017
milwaukee tick tracking system package

The worst thing about Milwaukee’s new Bluetooth tool and equipment tracker, called the Tick, is that its squat design gives it a look that perhaps too closely resembles that of its namesake. Otherwise, it’s pretty remarkable. 

No bigger than a double stack of Thin Mint cookies, the Tick is dust- and watertight and is made from UV-rated plastics that won’t weaken from prolonged sun exposure. It requires only a thin coin cell battery (included in purchase) and uses Integrated Tool Tracking technology that can be accessed through Milwaukee’s One-Key system—a mobile app. 

“The time spent looking for missing tools contributes significantly to a company’s bottom line,” says senior product manager Steve Matson in a statement accompanying the Tick’s debut earlier this year. “A single lost or damaged tool on a jobsite can increase the time spent completing a task by over 30 percent.” 

Already, a number of Milwaukee Tool products are equipped with Bluetooth tracking and can be monitored via the One-Key mobile app. The Tick is meant as a means to bring non-One-Key–compatible tools and equipment into the One-Key system. Got a ladder you can’t afford to lose, or a set of wrenches, or even a work van? The Tick’s flat back circular shape and overall low-profile sturdy design make it optimal for securely fitting in snug, discreet places. 

Once the Tick is attached to whatever tool you want to track, you can activate it through the One-Key app. The app lets users catalog the tool the Tick is tracking, which includes options to add the tool or equipment’s image, model, and serial numbers. Users can also input who’s using the tool, the trade it’s intended for, and its current status (available, missing, damaged, or retired), so that if you’re using multiple Ticks, you won’t get confused as to which one is on what tool. 

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