the LG solar array on this year's new american remodel

Sunny Las Vegas is perfect for solar, and the home has a 7-kilowatt rooftop array from LG. The panels’ location makes them invisible from the ground.

The New American Remodel explores creative approaches to sustainable design

making sure flashing tape stick pro remodeler

A look at what makes flashing tape so sticky and why the way you install it determines how well it stays stuck

A radiant barrier, such as that on foil-faced rigid insulation, can reduce heat transfer across the airspace between the strapping and metal roofing and siding. Image courtesy Matt Risinger 


Foil blocks heat transfer best if it stays clean, is adjacent to an airspace, and the delta is large enough. 

In a tightly air-sealed house, a mechanical ventilation system ensures a healthy exchange of fresh air

When a balloon loses air or depressurizes, it gets smaller (and makes a funny sound), but houses don’t roll like that 

model remodel

The second part of our two-part story focuses on the project’s finishes and strategic solutions to real-world construction challenges

fully installed isolar solutions solar attic fan

Solar power and a maximum fan speed of 400 cfm are key to this easy-to-install replacement fan

Rules for remodelers when installing flexbile ductwork

Using flexible ducts saves time, but careless installation can cause performance-related problems that are hard to find and even harder to fix after the drywall goes up

ProTradeCraft.com shows you step by step how to build a kitchen toekick detail

An easy way to redirect air from a duct located under a cabinet

What’s That Smell? HVAC, IAQ, and Crawl Spaces

One building science blogger recommends encapsulated crawl spaces. Here's why

Uponor has a new tool for installing PEX tubing in radiant heating and cooling applications.

Noritz describes the new EZTR Residential Tankless Water Heater as a breakthrough in replacement technology: the first tankless condensing residential unit. 

EcoNet isn’t a single product but a new technology that allows Rheem and Ruud heating, cooling and water heating products to communicate with each other on one network.

The Energy Star-qualified H2i MXZ heat pump boasts 100 percent heating capacity at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and guaranteed operation down to -13 degrees F.

Remodeling Show 2014 Products: ToughGard R Rotary Duct Liner

The durable black surface is water-repellent and highly cleanable.

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