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Human Resources

nora el-khouri spencer

Nora El-Khouri Spencer

Nora El-Khouri Spencer, CEO and founder of women's trade training program Hope Renovations, shares what she's learned about recruiting women and making jobsites better suited for more diversity.

Employee wellness programs can lead to greater rates of staff retention.

The payoff comes in employee stress reduction and higher rates of retention

Thorny issue: replacing staff who leave your company is costly

When someone important leaves your organization, it costs you lots more than money

Worker happiness is now at a premium, as competition for good employees intensifies and turnover costs rise

Retention is key, so is outsourcing whenever you can

Crowd members scramble for attention from an individual.

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Home improvement companies that were trimming employment rolls only a few years ago could now use all the crews they can get

Piggy bank and stethoscope denote health insurance costs rising.

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Health insurance costs aren’t going up as much as they previously were, but fewer employers are offering group coverage

Coaching the Millennials on Your Sales Team

More than any generation before them, Millennials appreciate mentors more than “bosses”

Help-wanted sign

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A post-recession hiring surge is under way. So why are home improvement companies having a tough time finding skilled installers?

Productivity: Maintaining a Biological Work Schedule

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Don’t waste your precious morning time responding to all e-mails.

How to work with architects, subs and designers during a project.

Tips for Hiring as Your Business Grows

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A remodeler and an HR consultant offer advice for recruiting and selecting new employees, both in the office and in the field

Latino workers crowd around potential hirer

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Here’s what’s behind President Obama’s executive order on immigration and how it might affect your business

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There are a few situations when an employee’s commute may be eligible for overtime pay.

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Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, shares his perspective on the future of the construction labor market and why it’s harder to find skilled workers. 

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Don’t lose your cool when dealing with these seven types of difficult people in the work place. 

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