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Human Resources

nora el-khouri spencer

Nora El-Khouri Spencer

Nora El-Khouri Spencer, CEO and founder of women's trade training program Hope Renovations, shares what she's learned about recruiting women and making jobsites better suited for more diversity.

Photo: Dan Morrison

Photo: Dan Morrison

Held fast in the grip of an ongoing shortage of workers, the remodeling industry is embarking on a series of initiatives to combat the problem

Kayleen McCabe, host of DIY Network’s Renovation Nation

Kayleen McCabe, host of DIY Network’s Renovation Nation. Photo: courtesy Kayleen McCabe

How Kayleen McCabe is doing her part to address the labor shortage in construction

Erika Taylor, chief of content for Professional Remodeler

Virtually every group representing businesses, including the NAHB, opposes the Department of Labor's new rules regarding who is exempt from overtime pay 

Looking for labor shortage solutions

Brian Elias offers a solution to the skilled labor shortage

Providing job-related training helps home improvement companies retain employees.

Spending time and money to train employees may seem like an ancillary expense—until you have to pay the cost of replacing those employees

Euro Design Build Remodel is trying a new service-based system for recognizing staff achievement.

At Euro Design Build Remodel, a new service-based system for awarding staff provides incentive and recognition 

Why it's important for small-business owners to take vacation

Don’t keep putting off that vacation. Instead, plan for it, then do it. Your business and employees will thank you.

Update job descriptions with input from existing staff

Why, as business improves, it's important to update job descriptions with input from existing staff


What to do when a key employee leaves your company

A key employee unexpectedly leaving can be a stress bomb if you don’t see it coming and you don’t have a plan to deal with it

the labor shortage affects the remodeling industry

The dominant issue facing the remodeling industry is the labor shortage. So, where will we find the workers we need?

Despite what Dirty Harry says, personnel is an essential part of your business

Forget what Harry said. Personnel (or human resources, as we now call it) is your company's most precious resource

Caution sign with drunk person

Studies show that substance abuse is higher in construction than in almost any other industry. That's one more reason why every company should have a policy.

four types of DISC personality

Whether you're helping existing employees chart their career path in your company, vetting new hires, or working with clients, the DISC personality assessment can be a handy tool

Internships offer potential career opportunities for young workers

After a group of local university students came to Mosby Building Arts for a tour and seminar, the remodeling company decided to tap their enthusiasm and skills

tips for finding A-grade best employees

In great companies, recruitment is less of an HR exercise and more of a sales and marketing initiative. 

Production manager reviewing plans with client

If you’re used to hiring sales and marketing people all the time, what do you do when you need a new production manager?

We've had labor shortages before, but the one created by The Great Recession shows no sign of abating.

Personnel: Why Your Overtime Expenses Are About to Skyrocket

The cap for non-exempt workers may be increased this month

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