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Homeowner’s Assn. Chooses LP® SmartSide® Siding to Re-Side Condos

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Homeowner’s Assn. Chooses LP® SmartSide® Siding to Re-Side Condos

By LP SmartSide August 20, 2016

In spring 2016 River City Restoration Inc. (RCR) began re-siding 44 condominium units of the Brentwood Place Homeowners Association (BPHOA) in metro Sacramento, California.

Scott Joseph, the owner of RCR, purchased 80,000 square feet of LP® SmartSide® treated engineered wood siding for the project.

Original siding and 15-year re-side both replaced

The condo structures were sided with hardboard when they were built 30 years ago. That siding was defective and 15 years later replaced with a rough-sawn custom-milled plywood lap siding, cut from T1-11. Joseph said the replacement siding was an inferior product and not installed properly, so it needed to be replaced too.

Hero siding

The re-side that was started in May 2016 is halfway completed. The BPHOA had wanted a more durable siding that had easy maintenance. So the BPHOA asked Joseph’s opinion about cladding types. The BPHOA also read cladding reviews online about LP SmartSide and fiber-cement siding posted by installers and homeowners and did its own evaluation of siding products by a BPHOA board member who was an analyst for the U.S. Air Force.

The BPHOA chose LP SmartSide siding and loves its look. LP SmartSide siding was also the most lightweight option. LP SmartSide siding is backed by a prorated 50-year limited warranty on the substrate and a 5-year, 100 percent labor and replacement feature. The BPHOA also was impressed with how the River City Restoration team runs its jobs – very organized and clean.

LP SmartSide siding delivers remarkable curb appeal.

Better workability

Joseph said, “Traditional wood siding products can bow, twist and cup and you have to work with those imperfections. Unlike traditional wood siding, LP SmartSide boards are straight, don’t split when you’re shooting the ends and take paint better. They’re also fairly light."

“LP SmartSide siding is one of the easiest products to work with – it’s a breeze. Really, there is no maintenance with LP SmartSide siding, other than painting.”


Joseph said, “In my experience, and I’ve been remodeling for 20 years, success is achieved one-half with the quality of the product and one-half with how it is installed. It’s the combination of both that makes a product last."

“LP SmartSide siding is a phenomenal product. It’s also important to follow the installation instructions, and at River City Restoration we take the installation instructions one more step. For example, with LP SmartSide siding we need to prime and caulk the butt joints. That’s the same approach we take with all our remodeling projects.”

RCR has been using LP SmartSide siding for 10 years. Joseph is an LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor at the Master level.

For more information about LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, please visit www.lpsmartside.com. For information about River City Restoration, please visit www.rcityrestoration.com.

  • Job Location: Condominium buildings in Sacramento, CA
  • Name of Remodeler: River City Restoration Inc.
  • LP SmartSide Trim & Siding Contact: Amy Lindholm, Brand Manager, Siding Group
  • 615-986-5688
  • Amy.Lindholm@lpcorp.com 
  • www.lpsmartside.com
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