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The historically accurate Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) projects industry growth above 7% for remainder of 2018

forty under 40 professional remodeler

We surveyed our Forty Under 40 winners and found that while totally different, they’re a lot alike.

Successfully managing people involves acquiring a cluster of skills. These can be learned.

When it comes to purchasing remodeling services, a growing number of homeowners are not willing to settle for business as usual

There’s an aspect of workplace culture that I don’t hear discussed. 

Boost your close rate by overcoming these common errors

hiring the right kind of person for a remodeling home improvement company

Use these tips to test whether an applicant has the skills and dedication for the job

touch controls for elica's nikola tesla cooktop

A smart induction cooktop that requires no hood, no ductwork, and soon, no custom installation 

3M's extreme post it are great for construction jobsites

Designed for the construction industry, 3M’s new post-its stick to lumber, brick, cement and steel

A single device to bring water monitoring into the smart home technology mix

Tightening this complex intersection of framing materials

raising a concrete slab by injecting high-density foam under it

High-density foam injected under a concrete pool patio raised cracked and sinking sections back to flush and level 

"... it’s sometimes harder to build a relationship with customers now because of the information available online."

jacob e smith is a designer and salesman with starline kitchen and bath

"Besides experience, you need to build your reputation through community involvement and networking."

"Something we’re seeing a lot of ... is a moving away from upper cabinets in the kitchen."

Sometimes the best advice is the simplest

professional remodelers forty under 40

Meet the generation taking on the labor shortage (for starters) 

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