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Today’s shapes, materials, colors, and appliances have elevated the deck to a living room’s equal. How far can it go? 

Many years ago, I began thinking about the subject of exceeding expectations. 

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What's causing a drop in sales? Here are the most likely causes

Converting a company to an employee-owned business can be a great retirement option. Here are three examples of how it works.

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Details about the interior products and technologies used in the Orlando show home

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Battery technology has drastically changed this classic demo saw. Here’s a head-to-head look at eight popular brands.

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It may look rustic—it means ‘to flower out’ in French—but it can get ugly if it causes deterioration in brick or block

The ITC rules on Bosch Reaxx vs. SawStop

A lesson in taking time out of a busy schedule to offer thanks

When business succession plans don't pan out as expected

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These heating-cooling marvels work great but don’t always go with the rest of the room. Here are five ways to dress them up or conceal them altogether.

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The big box is beefing up its Pro division

Three unique products in the shower, decking, and railing categories and what makes them stand out

With a new administration, the time is ripe for policies to change. But by how much remains to be seen

Wallet squeezed in a C-clamp


Some economists suggest the U.S. is overdue for a downturn. Here are key steps to take to prepare your company in case they’re right.  

Nailing on a roof is not all that complicated, so why do we need all this technology?

With the right customer base, newspaper ads still bring in leads 

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How to win over this demographic and become the aging-in-place expert in your market

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