Energy efficiency

Understanding window ratings to help guide clients and position you as an expert

There's strong growth in trades working with energy-efficient products

stack effect diagram


All diagrams in this article: courtesy Building Science for Building Enclosures, 2005, J.F. Straube and E.F.P. Burnett, published by Building Science Press

As long as there’s a temperature difference and some height, the air is churning

The New American Remodeled Home exterior

A remodeled 30-something Florida house radiates new style, energy, and up-to-the-minute design genius


Photo: courtesy Skyway Electric & Solar

Past year sees nearly 30% jump in home solar activity 

The Alexander Group is Professional Remodeler's 2016 Market Leader for sustainability

The Alexander Group's Alex Dean is nothing if not dedicated to sustainability: He says he eats, sleeps, and dreams about sustainable building. Photo: courtesy The Alexander Group

With a vision toward creating truly durable homes, this Maryland remodeler focuses its efforts on educating clients and providing a range of sustainable options

Solar installers working on roof

Photo: Pixabay

Solar can be a lucrative business for those adept at navigating the politics involved

Chaden Halfhill's Silent Rivers Design + Build completely overhauled the home as an example of preserving older, smaller homes.

Remodeler Chaden Halfhill reflects on his greatest goal: to work on projects that bring about change and influence how we build

Energy efficiency retrofits

The economics of energy retrofits are in the news again. How is payback calculated, and are we even asking the right question?

Seek thermal imager in use

This simple smartphone accessory offers a handy, affordable way to generate thermal images

Building inspector on the jobsite

Energy efficiency in a home needs to be thought of as one entity rather than independent products  

Curious to learn more about energy-efficiency certification programs and related resources? Here's a sampling

Construction worker installing housewrap on a house

When certifying a remodeling project, it’s important to find the program that best suits your needs. Here's an overview of the options

The Energy Star label helps sell windows, but the criteria used to determine those ratings on that label have changed

Weatherization, Paul Sableman, Michigan, WAP

The federal Weatherization Assistance Program provides families with energy-saving products. One study claims the uprfront investments are about twice the actual savings. Many in the industry disagree. Photo: Paul Sableman

Remodeling experts respond to a study claiming that weatherizing a home costs more than it saves

Building Science: Different Insulation Materials Perform the Same When Properly Installed

Photo: Brett & Sue Coulstock/Flickr

New findings from a multi-year test Building Science Corp. conducted in collaboration with manufacturers and other industry partners

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The retrofitted homes researchers analyzed only saved less than half the price of the improvements

Wanting to go off the grid may also mean an additional shopping trip to the local appliance store.

A house that uses Marvin Windows' Contemporary Awning windows, from the Contemporary Studio collection.

Marvin Windows says that all of its windows currently meet the Energy Star Version 6.0 standard. (Pictured here are Marvin’s Contemporary Awning windows, from the Contemporary Studio collection.)  

Ultra-efficient Energy Star Version 6.0 windows are here, but are homeowners willing to pay the higher prices?

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