Remodeling Marketing

The best way to turn web visitors into leads is to not try too hard


Capitalizing on the strong housing market, the retailer launches six home services programs

Customer Satisfaction

Simple guidelines to help create, and then exceed, expectations—whether for your clients, employees, family, or friends

Before photos: Doug Walter; after photos: Tracy Rivera Photography

Remodeling Design

This remodel provides the homeowner with a much-needed boost to accessibility and quality of life but doesn’t break the bank

SnapDry paint dries very quickly. Any drips should be removed within 10 minutes. If that’s not possible, Sherwin-Williams recommends waiting a few hours, scraping the drips, and reapplying.

Paints, Caulks & Sealants

A water-based paint that dries in a hour, so doors and windows can be closed sooner 


Have remodeling pundits—me included—been too dogmatic when discussing the dos and don’ts of how to be a professional remodeler?

Before images: courtesy Phil Kean Design Group; after images: Jeffrey A. Davis, Davis Photography

Building Materials

Details about the interior products and technologies used in the Orlando show home

Photo: Dan Morrison

Construction Quality

It may look rustic—it means ‘to flower out’ in French—but it can get ugly if it causes deterioration in brick or block


The ITC rules on Bosch Reaxx vs. SawStop


A lesson in taking time out of a busy schedule to offer thanks


When business succession plans don't pan out as expected

Photo: Hood River reDesign

Remodeling Design

These heating-cooling marvels work great but don’t always go with the rest of the room. Here are five ways to dress them up or conceal them altogether.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org / John Phelan (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Building Materials

The big box is beefing up its Pro division


With a new administration, the time is ripe for policies to change. But by how much remains to be seen

Wallet squeezed in a C-clamp

Photo: Pixabay.com


Some economists suggest the U.S. is overdue for a downturn. Here are key steps to take to prepare your company in case they’re right.  

Industry Data & Research

A look at the home features and styles that matter most to homebuyers

Industry Data & Research

According to recent U.S./Canadian study

Energy efficiency

There's strong growth in trades working with energy-efficient products

stack effect diagram


All diagrams in this article: courtesy Building Science for Building Enclosures, 2005, J.F. Straube and E.F.P. Burnett, published by Building Science Press

Energy efficiency

As long as there’s a temperature difference and some height, the air is churning

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