A millennial representing cultural shift
Remodeling Marketing

A changing of America's cultural tide


This OSB-foam-WRB sandwich meets shear requirements with standard-length nails

Human Resources

Medical treatment and lost wages ... When someone working on a roof falls and is injured, there's a price to pay

Building Materials

Most consumers assume that their glazed windows and doors meet safety standards, but that’s often not the case

Airstream battery

The airstream SCA 8 quick charger and 5.2 Ah battery combination cuts charge times in half


Use these lead-free solid-brass pipe fittings and valves, and you can kiss solder and flux goodbye

Best Practices

An energy-minded carpenter’s take on when it makes sense to use less wood in a wall—and when it doesn’t

Remodeler Robert Criner, founder and president of Criner Remodeling, in Newport News, Va., in the living room of the home he rebuilt after a devestating fire.

Best Practices

One remodeler’s personal tragedy provides unique insights into the customer experience

Best Practices

Your Sunday Box holds that which you once considered essential but have now managed to live without


In the face of a skilled labor shortage, give laborers skills


Once a job taken for granted, the window installer today is seen as key to the operation


Effective strategies for making the most of your time

carpenters tool

The state is taking steps to combat the labor shortage

Hansgrohe’s Axor Starck V, known for its signature glass tap, is one victim of product plagiarism.


It’s known as the “anti-prize”

Energy efficiency

Understanding window ratings to help guide clients and position you as an expert

Warm air esaping through a ridge vent pulls outside air in through the soffits. Use baffles where rafters meet attic floor joists to precent the insulation from blocking air movement.

Best Practices

When properly detailed, roof ventilation keeps roofing materials cooler and prevents ice dams

Case Studies

A fast, efficient, repeatable way to build drawers that are strong enough for the way most drawers are used

Rising costs

photo: pixabay.com


Regular and sometimes steep increases in the cost of materials are a fact of life in residential construction. Too bad homeowners don’t know it.

Remodeling Marketing

If you’re not thinking about technology for your business now, you may soon be playing catch-up with customers

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