homeadvisor gets on google

HomeAdvisor continues to expand its footprint in the digital age

professional remodeler showing how to install stucco above a deck ledger

There are plenty of wrong ways to install stucco on a wall with a deck ledger. Here’s how to do it the right way.

The benefits of hiring someone with a criminal record can outweigh the risks 

Here’s what home improvement pros need to consider to avoid unintended consequences when adding a new product 

A flashed dormer

For a trouble-free installation, get the overlaps right at roof-to-wall connections

A rating from the Better Business Bureau is a source of pride for some companies, a bitter pill for others

Carpenter Ben Bogie framing the walls of the model remodel project

Overcoming a late delivery to erect energy saving smart walls

customer satisfaction surveys are important for any professional remodeler to do

Customer-satisfaction surveys are an integral tool for many remodelers. Here's how to get the most from your survey efforts

Ben Bogie levels Model ReModel project's foundation

This week's challenge: framing a level floor on a humpy foundation

fully installed isolar solutions solar attic fan

Solar power and a maximum fan speed of 400 cfm are key to this easy-to-install replacement fan

Ben and the crew make up for lost time with a speedy tear down

Planning needs to be automatic in your decision-making processes

One veteran, one remodeler, one disaster 

is the better business bureau, a home for remodelers, failing or not

The Better Business Bureau is striving to stay relevant 

Next time you're reluctant to ask a prospect about budget, remember: It isn’t just about you

image of despairing man

photo: Pixabay.com

Small-business burnout is common, and the contracting business is especially vulnerable

Small roof repairs can lead to bigger, more lucrative, jobs for roofing contractors

Photo: Max Pixel

For some roofing companies, 'customer for life' starts with a timely repair

A millennial representing cultural shift

A changing of America's cultural tide

This OSB-foam-WRB sandwich meets shear requirements with standard-length nails

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