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If you're looking to make small yet impactful changes to refresh your company website, follow these 7 steps.

Cyberspace can be a crazy place. A client recently reported that she dialed up my website and found herself in a pornographic site.

'Consumers are looking for professionals, not price,' says Larry Schaffert, CGR, of Schaffert Construction in Myersville, Md. At the 2000 International Builders Show in Dallas.

Three years ago, we featured Stan Ehrlich of Depot Homes in an article that set the tone for this magazine’s mission to educate toward an industry of stable, profitable remodeling companies.

The Remodelers Night Out, a special dinner hosted by the Remodelors Council and Professional Remodeler--

Technological advances over the past 12 months have accelerated the pace of business and of life.

High-rise remodels pose unique challenges, not the least of which is finding enough room to expand.

Taking an old fairy tale to heart, remodelers using thin brick systems on exterior projects know that those jobs will resist moisture, damage and even the huffing and puffing of Big Bad Wolves.

The remodeling industry has received a boost from government reporting agencies, but those same agencies continue to be unable to gather information on remodeling spending.

Allowance amounts can cause serious problems for remodelers.

Bob White, CGR, has found an interesting way to expand his remodeling business. He frequently performs autopsies--on buildings.

The paperless office might be in the far-off future, but one California remodeler is a step closer to taming the paper tiger.

John A. Buttaro spends most of his day in the field, working his projects.

The Southern Pine Council will launch a branding initiative that targets building and remodeling professionals.

Fully assembled entry door systems give remodeler one-stop shop

According to the United States Census Bureau, the elderly population will more than double between now and the year 2050, growing to an estimated 80 million people aged 65 years and older.

The Iron Curtain’s long gone, but capitalism continues to struggle in the former Soviet Union. Not for lack of desire, discovered Alan Derrick, but rather lack of knowledge.

Rob Blodgett has spent a lot of time systematizing his remodeling firm, Blodgett Construction & Home Improvement Co. in Grand Rapids, Mich. As a result, he has created a wealth of business forms. But as a member of Business Networks, he saw others in h...

Creative marketing gives Boardwalk Builders signage that makes an impression all over town.

Business Management In the book, 'Building Partnerships: How to Work With Trade Contractors,' Bob Whitten offers this tip to remodelers:...

Remodelers who have reached a level of professionalism have moved their estimating process from paper to electronic

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