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Profit Margin

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The problem with hoping to break even with a meager profit percentage is that it sets precedence. There’s no goal in mind, so there will be no goal to drive a team toward.

Maintaining heavy equipment or using costly, hard-to-find labor isn't necessarily the ideal way to tackle big jobs.

Randy Grimes and Gary Aaron of Custom Vinyl Contractors wanted an alternative to traditional advertising to market their vinyl-deck system.

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies attempts to put some numbers on the remodeling industry

How often do you think about your drywall?

Skeptics take note: You can teach an old remodeler new tricks. Professional Remodeler’s Model reMODEL introduced state-of-the-art business systems and building technologies in a high-end spec remodeling job

Satisfying work and a fulfilling family life are the brass rings that people strive for, but often the demands of running a business and the stress of everyday life make them seem like unreachable goals.

Becoming a Certified Graduate Remodelor (CGR) offers a significant marketing advantage, say those who have been certified.

Gas furnaces, electric air conditioning, heat pumps and more--how do homeowners and contractors decide which is best for a particular building?

What began as a clients' online chronicle of their home improvement project became an e-tool for a Wisconsin remodeler.

Late in 1997, Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, laid down a challenge to a group of remodelers attending a networking conference.

Customer satisfaction links directly to communication, says Bob Bell, CGR. If communication is effective, the client should come away satisfied; if it’s ineffective, even a perfect job won’t leave the client happy.

It’s no secret that remodelers are looking for ways to save time and money for both themselves and their clientele; that’s why many exterior product manufacturers are providing materials that come pre-colored or pre-painted.

With RemodelAmerica scheduled for this month, we asked remodeler Jim Strite, CR, CGR, president of Design + Remodel, Boise, Idaho, about trade show attendance.

Business Management Jane Applegate’s book, '201 Great Ideas for your Small Business,' offers savvy suggestions for business owners.

The old saying that life is run at a fast pace never was so true as it is today.

'You have to be vigilant when you run a family business,' says one Northeastern remodeler.

Go high-tech and save money in the process. Robert Criner, CGR, upgraded from a Polaroid camera to a digital camera.

Letters sent to Professional Remodeler

Cyberspace can be a crazy place. A client recently reported that she dialed up my website and found herself in a pornographic site.

'Consumers are looking for professionals, not price,' says Larry Schaffert, CGR, of Schaffert Construction in Myersville, Md. At the 2000 International Builders Show in Dallas.

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