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Profit Margin

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The problem with hoping to break even with a meager profit percentage is that it sets precedence. There’s no goal in mind, so there will be no goal to drive a team toward.

Criner Construction puts on a clinic in bath remodeling, smoothly building a profitable project

Working with hardwood in the bathroom, a moisture-filled environment that will expose materials to chemicals, cleansers and humidity, is often avoided by remodelers.

The new International Residential Building Code (IRC), which is set to take affect this month, includes specific requirements that offer even more opportunities for basement finishing projects.

Membership Profile: Leroy Ostlund, CGR

Labor, labor, labor. Ever tire of hearing the refrain? As the crescendo builds, some remodelers are taking action instead of adding their complaints to the din.

If you've ever been stuck with custom building products that were incorrectly ordered, Builders Express.com may provide a way to rid yourself of the surplus while recouping some cash.

Creating effecting lighting schemes for your kitchen requres more than just the flip of a switch.

Field laptops must perform different functions than their office counterparts.

People are often asked, 'How did you get into business?' Many times, it’s surprising to find out it all happened by accident.

Workplace drug abuse costs U.S. businesses more than $100 billion each year in lost productivity, and higher healthcare and workers’ compensation costs

When Michael Dent relocated his office and showroom to a rehabbed house, the efficient, high-exposure site was a move that paid off.

This month, we talk taxes with Mark Brick, president, B & E General Contractors Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.

Demand has been building, and now Owens Construction is ready to attack the market.

Contractors checking out the new materials in local libraries may not ever touch a book or computer.

The Net will bring the industry together through 'virtual consolidation.'

Rosie Romero runs one of the most profitable and recognizable remodeling firms in Arizona, but last year a drop-off in sales revenue threatened the company's long-term plans for growth

A sales downturn can kill a remodeling business, but Legacy Custom Builders puts prudent planning and disciplined cash management to work just for such times

Networking--it's the best way to get ahead in business. So it's no surprise that more remodelers are joining networking groups to boost their businesses.

A few weeks ago, we were lamenting the fact that accurate, reliable numbers for the remodeling industry are nonexistent.

Selecting exterior designs can be nerve-wracking for both the consumer and the contractor, but it is a decision that will impact the future value of the home.

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