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Tracking Metrics

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There are certain metrics that every remodeler should be tracking in order to see how their business is performing, and how the numbers compare to other successful companies.

florida state house passing legislation about virtual inspection for residential building

In unanimous House and Senate votes, Florida appears poised to officially make legal the use of virtual building inspections

Local mode flo by moen

Protect renovations from leaks during construction and beyond with Local Mode for Flo by Moen's detection system. 

shipping cabinets

The company claims the new shipping guarantee is an industry first. 

The New American Remodel

This year’s New American Remodel aims to unify indoors and outdoors through views and landscaping.

Plum wine dispenser

A smart wine dispenser and custom cabinetry kit for an integrated look.

Danver Outdoor Kitchens

Stainless steel outdoor cabinetry that resists rusting while giving remodelers the look of interior kitchen design. 

Baxter Unger Kitchen with red appliances

Three unique kitchen designs speak to homeowner personalities with mixed materials, interesting textures, and generous pops of color.

Simpson door co monster door barn door

Custom wood doors that give remodelers flexibility in design and durability in the installation.

Open Concept Plan

The layout has quite a few asterisks next to its title as ‘most popular floor plan.’ We explore its history, controversy, and its fate.

Scribing techniques

Two techniques for cutting irregular shapes without measuring dimensions or angles.

tundraland ceo brian gottlieb

Tundraland CEO Brian Gottlieb nerds out on Tech Talk

Marvin Skycove

A window expert shares how orientation, floor plans, and wall support impact the installation of pop-out windows.

Introducing new Pro Remodeler Director of Content Erika Mosse

NARI's National Board of Directors has delivered a 60-day notice to NARI Metro DC that its chapter agreement would be "terminated" 

nari national errant email suggests dissolving local chapters

On March 25, NARI Board Chairman Doug King misaddressed an internal email that appears to discuss possible "motions and votes" to dissolve the charters of 15 chapters responsible for a joint-authored January letter raising "concerns" and "demanding ... a response"  

Looking at floor plan

Dave Yoho explains how open-ended questions can help sales professionals in this short video.

Blue kitchen

Kitchen and bath industry's performance surpasses expectations as the NKBA KBMI index hits a historic high in Q1 2021. 

Sales Training

Although training may seem tempting to cut during hard times, doing so can decrease sales and hurt your long-term business strategy. 

home appliances

Multi-industry demand for semiconductors is pushing pressed manufacturers to the brink, causing appliance delivery delays. 

NARI dispute documents

Documents central to an internal dispute at NARI shed light on how concerns have been raised and met 

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