COVID-19: What Remodelers Need to Know

Resources to help you, our readers, through this crisis

April 05, 2020
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To our readers, 

Please use these resources to help inform and better protect yourselves, your families, your employees, and your businesses against the health and economic impacts of COVID-19. 

We will continue to update this page. 

Business with COVID-19  

Remodelers and industry insiders from across the country describe their COVID-19 experience and response

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  CDC Resources  

The Center for Disease Control and Preparedness provides guidance on protective measures as well as what the virus's symptoms are and what steps to take should you think you are sick. The Center also provides resources specific to businesses and employers, including "interim guidance," which is being updated as information becomes available, and cleaning and disinfection recommendations

Find resources here 

  Quick-Reference Map of Confirmed Cases in the U.S.  

Using CDC data, NBC News has compiled and continues to update a map detailing currently known cases and deaths as a result. 

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  OSHA Resources  

The Occupational Safety and Health Association provides information on how COVID-19 spreads and who is most at risk. The Association also provides guidance on workplace standards and control and prevention, and offers a PDF fact sheet on protecting workers during a pandemic

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  SBA Resources  

The Small Business Association provides guidance on how businesses should respond to COVID-19, including information on the Association's Economic Injury Disaster Loan program and Paycheck Protection Program. The loans can give economic relief to businesses severly impacted by the virus. 

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  Industry News  

Four New Programs to Help Remodelers Survive COVID-19 (Pro Remodeler, 4.1.2020) 

SBA adds programs for businesses impacted by COVID-19

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Remodeling Mastery: Survive to Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic (Pro Remodeler, 3.20.2020) 

In this special episode, Mark Richardson shares 10 actions, ideas, and recommended digital tools to help your business not only survive, but help you position your business for the future and long-term success.

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COVID-19: One Remodeling Marketer Outlines Her Plan (Pro Remodeler, 3.19.2020) 

See how Consultant and Marketing Director Megan McGuire is responding to the coronavirus. 

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Coverings Cancelled (Pro Remodeler, 3.18.2020) 

The U.S.'s largest international tile show has been cancelled. 

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Door and Window Dealers Already See Effects of Coronavirus on Business (Door and Window Market, 3.18.2020) 

DWM reports on what door and window dealers are already experience in the market as a result of COVID-19, including a wave of cancellations from quarantined homeowners. 

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OSHA Revises Coronavirus Reporting Requirement after AGC Intervention (Associated General Contractors of America) 

Guidelines on documenting COVID-19 in your workplace.

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SBA Announces Loan Program for Businesses Affected by COVID-19 (Pro Remodeler, 3.18.2020) 

The Small Business Association will help small businesses severly affected by COVID-19 with access up to $2 million in loan assistance.

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6 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect construction (Construction Dive, 3.13.2020)

Construction Dive's report on COVID-19 includes predictions from industry experts on how the virus may affect construction. Included among the expected impacts are material delays, travel bans that we're already seeing, and legal issues arising from delays and cost overruns on current projects.  

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Construction Industry Low on Masks (Pro Remodeler, 3.11.2020) 

Concerns about contracting COVID-19 has caused a run on supplies.

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