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Innovative Products: A Feeney Trifecta

Two cool new products, and one 'immensely popular' one add up to a hat trick for Feeney

December 12, 2017
Two cool new products, and one 'immensely popular' one add up to a hat trick for Feeney

There’s a distinct pleasure in seeing the way a new product solves an old problem, and that feeling is especially strong with Feeney’s clever CableRail Tensioning Tool. 

Made specifically for Feeney products, the tool is a simple way to pull cable railing taut. “Everyone in our company has installed cable and knows that it can be a hassle to get it tensioned properly,” says Dan Gaxiola, a sales executive with Feeney. “We responded to a need in the market.” 

The tool, which works with Feeney’s Quick-Connect system, has a built-in indicator that lets you know when the cable is properly taut. This ensures a consistent level of tension across all of the cables in the installation. The CableRail tool comes with a ¹/8-inch adapter head, although other sizes are available to be purchased separately. 

Second up is Feeney’s single corner post. Until now—depending on the material—cable needed to be terminated at a corner post. Feeney’s innovation allows the cable to make a 90 degree turn inside of one post and run continuously rather than terminating. The option looks better and potentially saves money, as it can mean purchasing fewer posts. “This product has been in development for years and we’re excited that it’s finally on the market,” Gaxiola says. “We wanted to wait until we were completely confident that we had a single post that could withstand the amount of tension on the cables inside.” 

The new corner posts are manufactured with more structural aluminum in the interior, as well as a hard plastic material that molds the cable into a rounded curve rather than a hard 90 degree angle, which keeps it from biting into the post. 

Feeney’s products are made in the U.S., and the company manufactures its own cable rather than buying from a supplier. “We do all of the machining on the posts prior to coating them, and each one is powder-coated by hand,” Gaxiola says. “Every job is treated as a custom job.” 

Finally, there’s the company’s lighting kit. Although it isn’t new this year, the product, which is part of the DesignRail series, has been immensely popular. It can go under top or bottom rails and comes in a weatherproof strip channel that easily attaches without special tools. The light also features a diffusing lens, which means that instead of little individual beams on the cables, you get smooth, even light. The level of brightness and a flicker-option are controlled with a remote. Feeney’s Lighting Kits are available in 20 and 32 inches with a separate 4-inch strip that can be used to fill in small spaces.

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These developments by Feeney chip away at the barriers that keep me from using their products by simplifying the required hardware list and providing a consistent method for tensioning. With these improvements I now feel confident of being able to offer their wire rail system to my clients without concern for being able to provide a first-rate installation... sahwheet!!

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