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One remodeler has expanded his business by working for the legal system, tearing apart and rebuilding condos for forensic research

One remodeler uses a customized estimating system to take complete control.

This sidebar for 'Take Control of Your Estimating' compares and contrasts two styles of estimating.

This sidebar for 'Take Control of Your Estimating' outlines the major elements for consideration when developing an estimating database.

This sidebar notes the growth of gas fireplace sales in the past 8 years.

Sidebar to 'Trump the Wild Card'

This list of tips helps remodelers break into forensic remodeling business.

Adam Helfman outlines his plans for managing and meeting client expectations.

This sidebar illustrates how gas heater rated fireplaces can channel heat to other areas of the home.

One kitchen designer outlines trends for remodelers to consider when doing designs of their own.

One remodeler solves the tricky problem of working on a project located in the remote wilderness.

Tips on presenting your company's best face to the media.

Columbia Flooring's three laminate deck boards debut.

OSI's colormatching tools, the EPA, and the National Tile Roofing Manfacturer's Associations websites are reviewed here, among others.

Peachtree purchased by Nortek, Inc.

This article outlines market trends in gas fireplaces, focusing on an increased use in direct-vent and vent-free units.

This sidebar lists the top areas homeowners want fireplaces.

Mike Miller offers advice to his fellow remodelers on how to track leads effciently.

Editor Rod Sutton encourages remodelers to take credit for the environmentally sound work they are probably already unknowingly doing.

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