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Remodeling Mastery

In this episode, host Mark Richardson breaks down the changes and future outlooks for consumers, projects, and business practices in the remodeling industry. 

Biophilic Bathroom

With the rise of personalization and organic design during the pandemic, biophilia has had a moment in remodeling projects. Will it last?

Camo edgexmetal clips for metal framing

A deck fastener system designed for metal framing that can save remodelers time and money. 

E-Coli bacteria

A lack of formal scientific studies and inconclusive results lead to a non-answer, as green building and wellness organizations are speaking out against the use of antimicrobial materials.

LP WeatherLogic

A sheathing that cuts installation time nearly half and provides an air-and-water-sealed barrier. 

LEED Completed project with PVC siding cladding

The exterior of this Minneapolis remodel is clad using PVC panels and open-joint PVC deck boards applied in asymmetric patterns and trimmed with narrow extruded aluminum profiles.

And when we say “lasts,” we’re talking about a really, really, long, long time.

Greta Bajrami

Greta Bajrami, CEO of Golden Group Roofing, shares her journey to home improvement, tips for hiring the right team, and her vision for the future of roofing. 

Sarah Schnell

A Forty Under 40 winner shares how her perspective changed when she sustained an injury.

Sarah Pierce

A Forty Under 40 winner shares how she turned a livid homeowner into a happy customer. 

NARI Katie Bacon

A Forty Under 40 winner shares the four jobs that impacted her career.

Carolyn Andrews

A Forty Under 40 winner reveals her journey to find a company that values her and her family. 

Erika Altenhofen, 32 

A Forty Under 40 winner shares her conversion from psych to remodeling.

Nolan Sullivan

A Forty Under 40 winner's love for custom furniture shines in his role as shop manager.

Ann Stob

A Forty Under 40 winner shares an inside look at her budding suburban microfarm. 

Mandy Sandstrom

A Forty Under 40 winner shares her journey from fashion to design.

Greg Sako

A Forty Under 40 winner shares what earned him the respect of an Apple exec.

Tamara Rice

A Forty Under 40 winner shares the popular movie that sparked her interest in design and architecture.

Doug Panozzo

A Forty Under 40 winner shares how he knew it was time to move on–into a job in remodeling.

Michelle Mullins

A Forty Under 40 winner opens up about a hard time in her company's history and how they overcame it to create a healthy team. 

Selema Law Jackson

A Forty Under 40 winner identifies the inspirational women in her life.

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