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Bill Millholland

Sample boxes are a great way to add a personalized, interactive touch to remote design meetings. 

Vince Nardo Thought Leader Predictions

Vince Nardo, president of Reborn Cabinets, gives his take on the economy and a boom and bust of new remodeling businesses.

Tanya Donahue Rhode Island Kitchen and Bath

Tanya Donahue, president and owner of RIKB Design + Build, weighs in on office dress code, home shows, and pace in 2021. 

NewPro Beach House Shake with TandoStone

Courtesy NewPro

Affordable alternatives to natural stone and cedar shakes that can stand up to extreme weather. 

10 reasons to hire a designer with blackline renovations

Number 6 and 10 are reasons you haven't thought of yet.

The New American Remodel Lakeshore Levels

This early ‘70s home built in the little- known Sarasota Modern style was always a solid structure with great promise, but cluttered design obscured its potential. This year’s TNAR Team removed the clutter and allowed the house to finally shine.

online events

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Managing Editor James McClister gives three advantages of online events such as the Extreme Sales Summit. 

crew raising a frame on a home for remodel

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U.S. Department of Labor releases a final rule on independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act to go into effect March 8, 2021.

soundproofing a remodel

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Effective soundproofing is the result of the materials used, and how they are connected or isolated from each other.


Planning to attend IBSx? Today is the last day for discounted passes.

NAHB partners with SGC horizon and pro remodeler

SGC Horizon and its brands, including Pro Remodeler, have been selected as the official media partner of the National Association of Home Builders 

Video interviews help business owners learn how customers find them

Keep up with Google updates and employ innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Master Bath with Aging in place design

Disabilities and aging can be sensitive topics. Here’s a forward-thinking  approach to discussing aging-In-place remodeling with clients. 

Start button

Make predictions based on what you have learned in 2020. Then prepare to be wrong.

remodelers can take prep courses through NARI before their certification exams

Three courses are set to start in February, two in March 

Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

What should a remodeling company's top priorities be in the next 30, 60, or even 90 days? Host Mark Richardson discusses the 2021 game plan on Remodeling Mastery. 

EZhang EasyHang cabinet hanger installation

A pro's favorite cabinet installation tool that saves time and labor. 

building blocks to change habits

By Kiattisak | Adobe Stock

Director of Content Erika Taylor discusses big changes coming to the Pro Remodeler brand. 

Thought Leaders Predictions for the remodeling industry

Industry experts predict 2021 trends for the remodeling industry. 

Mary Miksch designer at Neil Kelly predicts trends and gives tips

Mary Miksch, team lead and design consultant at the Neil Kelly Remodeling firm, shares her tips for managing systems in the digital age and where she believes design is heading. 

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