Design Awards

Remodelers are overlooked when it’s time to dole out kudos for a job well done

Best Body of Work Winner

rhode island kitchen & bath warwick, r.i.

“Great solution for an unusual space.”

Gold Award Winner: Bathroom over $60K

reynolds design and remodeling  lincoln, neb.

“So many textures, shapes, and colors in this home yet everything flows together, creating harmony.”

Gold Award Winner: Kitchen $50K–$100K

Lewis Builders

“This tranquil and casual space is natural, beautiful, and well done. Very modern and fresh ideas.”

Gold Award Winner: Whole-House over $750K

 laughlin homes & restoration fredericksburg, texas

“The blending of materials is beautifully done.”

Gold Award Winner: Kitchen $50K–$100K

“A harmonious dance between modern styling and traditional details.”

Gold Award Winner: Residential interior over $100K

dreamstyle remodeling Albuquerque, n.m.

“Lovely balance of color, texture, and pattern.”

Gold Award Winner: Bathroom $30k–$60k

amek inc whole house remodel

“The end result and craftsmanship is exceptional.”

Gold Award Winner: Whole-House $300K–$750K

remodelwerks shrewsbury, mass.

“The color, tile, brass, and fixtures all make this space beautiful to the eye.”

Platinum Award Winner: Bathroom over $60k

“Great job creating a wonderful outdoor space under considerable design constraints.”

Platinum Award Winner: Outdoor living over $100K

redstart construction

“Great job bringing together multiple material types and textures. Unique and refreshing.”

Platinum Award Winner: Kitchen over $100K

Pathway design & Construction

“The new vision is restorative and functional, while keeping the spirit of the home alive.”

Platinum Award Winner: Residential interior over $100K

“Craftsmanship is presented well in this difficult-to-execute style.”

Platinum Award Winner: Residential Interior over $100K

“The salvaged materials add warmth and history to a gracious, open living space.”

Platinum Award Winner: Whole-House $300K–$750K

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