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remodeling mastery

Commit to collaboration and your business will only improve.

remodeling industry news


See the confidence levels remodelers have in the industry from NAHB's latest index.

text messaging for business

Graphic: courtesy Jane Kelly |

Texting remains the most popular way to communicate. How can larger companies do it effectively through platforms?

pro remodeler

"So, if we can admit we have a problem, how do we fix it? How do we create welcoming environments free from discrimination?"

We must, as an industry, recognize that it costs us nothing to alter our words

Richardson walks business owners through different areas to reveal necessary insights.

mark richardson

The industry began as seeds nearly 50 years ago. Those seeds became a lush orchard—but not without challenges.

Metaphors are not only thought provoking, they can help us understand our environment

leaf home tundraland

The acquisition creates "tremendous opportunity" for Tundraland and makes Leaf Home "the acquirer of choice." 

remodeling markets

Tucson, AZ. / Photo: SeanPavonePhoto |

Is your market one of them?

mark richardson

Industry expert Mark Richardson outlines a list for business owners to use in order to check in with themselves

nahb chairman

The remodeling industry has been hit by unique challenges over the past two years, yet through it all, professionals have remained resolute. | Photo: REDPIXEL /

NAHB’s new chairman outlines challenges and advocacy efforts for the year.

supply chain


Remodelers share coping strategies for the ongoing supply chain problems

behavioral economics

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Understanding how and why homeowners make decisions can help you achieve your business goals. Here's how.

Titan Home Improvement

MaxHome has been acquired by private equity firm Titan Holding, marking the latest move in Titan's plan for "aggressive expansion" into the home improvement market.

NorthLake Lowe's

If Lowe’s sales are any indicator of home improvement’s future, the DIY renovation boom that took over headlines the past two years may be headed for a cooldown.

reborn cabinets

Three generations of Nardos have influenced the brand. Today, grandson Seth Nardo (center right) manages Reborn’s fast-growing Bath Solutions division. Working with brand Jacuzzi, Reborn completes hundreds of one-day bath renovations a month. | Photos: courtesy Reborn Cabinets

How a local cabinet refacing business became a cutting-edge $100 million enterprise


Home improvement juggernaut West Shore Home's new company-wide base wage doubles the legal minimum in nearly every state it operates

PPP program can help remodelers in 2021, also new tax guidance from SBA

Experts explain details of the second draw for the Paycheck Protection Program and answer lingering questions about taxability

Personal Development concept

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Being a good coach requires empathy, deep understanding of team members

Mycelium fibers that will be the future of building materials

These fine white filaments are mycelium—basically mushroom roots. It is the means by which fungus stays connected and nuorished, but researchers have also discovered it may be a means to disrupt the building materials market. Insulation, door cores, flooring, cladding, light fixtures, furniture—mycelium is a cheap, durable, and easy to manufacture alternative to all and more. 

With price spikes and shortages of traditional building materials, it may be time to start considering non-traditional ones

homeadvisor state of spending on pro remodeler millennials spend most

Three important takeaways from HomeAdvisor's 2020 State of Home Spending report

joe altieri hugging his Shark Tank investor Lorie Greiner

How a salesman became an inventor who became a business owner that ended up on Shark Tank (and not by application but by request) 

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