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Building Materials

Lumber prices 2021

During the pandemic, lumber prices skyrocketed at the same time that remodeling demand spiked and supply chains broke down. But where does the industry stand now?

From bathroom fixtures to trucks to measurement technology, we've compiled the Top 100 products for remodelers this year.

Wallet feeling the squeeze of increasing construction material costs.

Costs of construction materials, and of construction itself, are going up. Contractors and their suppliers adjust.

Rule of thumb is that in porous material, water moves to where it is drier

Photo of old-time hardware store interior

Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Two members of our Remodeler's Exchange panel discuss how they build and maintain solid supplier relationships

Professional Remodeler's PRIME advisory board offers opinions on supplier relationships

Photo: Creative Commons

Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but if this cold snap continues, you never know.

New CertainTeed Webisode Highlights Proper Home Weatherization and Attic Ventilation

Series features 2013 Exterior Living Spaces Facebook Home Makeover Contest winner.

Whether it's made of wood or toothbrushes, concrete or containers, a home is still a home.

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