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A Backstory Is a Remodeler’s Great Advantage in Sales

Learning about a potential client’s backstory is key to sales success

June 16, 2015
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A Backstory is a Remodeler’s Great Advantage in Sales, Remodeler Sales, Remodeling Sales

Compared to many other salespeople selling different types of goods and services, remodelers have easy access to one precious resource: a customer’s backstory.

“Every customer has one, but most salespeople don’t bother to find out what it is,” writes sales expert and author Jeff Shore on “They fret about what the customer is moving to, rather than what the customer is coming from.”

But remodelers have the privilege to sit one-on-one with a potential buyer, and remodelers are hired to work on something as intimate as a client’s home.

To tap into this resource, remodelers should begin the sales conversation with a “why” question instead of a “what,” Shore writes.

“Here’s the good news. When you learn the backstory, the sales will roll out in front of you,” he adds. “That’s when you change your customer’s world.”

Read the full story at Entrepreneur.

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