remodelers and the new overtime regulations

Photo montage: Kelsey Craig; clock: bryljaev; man: Kelsey Craig

On May 18, 2016, the Department of Labor redefined the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime threshold


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Searching the web from a computer vs. a mobile device invokes a different mindset. Understand that difference and design for it

installing rigid foam insulation on home exterior

All photos: courtesy Dan Morrison

On the second layer, offset and tape the seams, and use the rainscreen strapping to hold everything in place

Homeowners sometimes get blindsided when it turns out the GC they hired hasn't paid his subs or materials suppliers. The lien waiver in your contract protects homeowners against this.

Today’s time-strapped homeowner doesn’t have time for show-and-tell or the patience for high-pressure selling

Bill Millholland powder room remodel

All images: courtesy Bill Millholland

Powder room trouble often means choosing how to add one. But what if you need to move the one you've got?

men on roof

Photo: courtesy Gipson Corwin Homes, Jeffrey Volker

When is a roof inspection legitimate, and when is it just the precursor to an estimate?


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You close your company and retire. Years later a former client wants to file a warranty claim. Are you still liable?


All photos: courtesy Tim Gillerlain

The 2016 Model ReModel home in Batavia, Ill., features design excellence, innovative materials, and construction best practices


Photo: Metris, courtesy Mercedes-Benz

Today's mobile workhorses offer features well-suited to home improvement pros

One profound principle that pays slow but steady dividends

Using a CRM system for sales leads


Industry-specific CRM software is often the first choice for home improvement companies with ambitious growth plans

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